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Smart Parking Sensor Solutions by Parkeagle

Use Case: Truck Parking

Increase the truck driver’s satisfaction rate 

The challenge truckers are facing

Truckers cover long distances every day. Due to safety regulations, these truckers have to stop every couple of hours to rest. They do this not only for themselves, but also to guarantee others safety on the highway. Due to this, it is very important for truckers to be able to park without any struggles. 

The solution

Parkeagle offers accurate data in an app that shows the occupancy of parking bays by utilizing sensors. The truckers can use the parking occupancy data that is displayed in an app in order to find a free resting spot easily. The solution provides truckers with a stress-free solution so that they can find a spot to rest, and make sure that they deliver their goods on time.

The Parkeagle Technology

Parkeagle uses cutting edge Internet of Things technology, which gives truckers real-time insights on parking space occupancy by utilizing its Smart Parking Bay Sensors and Smart Counting Sensors. Use our technology to find a free parking spot nearby, making the parking process on your parking vicinity easier, less stressful, less time consuming and cheaper.

How to use Smart Parking at Truck Parking Vicinities

The Parkeagle App

  • View the parking occupancy in the Parkeagle app
  • Find out where the nearest free parking place is
  • Navigate to your destination without being stressed

Smart Counting Sensors

  • Measure the traffic flow of your truck parking vicinity
  • Gaining insight into the amount of vehicles entering or leaving a parking vicinity
  • Gaining insight into the amount of vehicles using your parking vicinity
  • Measure and gain insight into the occupancy of truck parking lots

The benefits for your city

For truckers

  • Less driven miles/kilometers: truck drivers will not have to drive endlessly when looking for a parking place, but can find a parking bay easily by using the ParkSmart app.
  • A saver commute: truck drivers are less distracted, because they do not need to search for a parking spot
  • Less stress on the road: truck drivers know where they can park without stressing out.
  • Good for the environment and cost efficient: The emission of CO2 gases will reduce, due to the fact that drivers will have to spend less time when looking for a parking spot. This also results in less fuel being spent.

For truck parking lot owners

  • Real-time monitoring: parking lot owners utilizing the Smart Parking Sensors of Parkeagle will have real-time and historical insights into parking occupancy.
  • A fair price: A low investment on hardware and investment returns within 7 years
  • No privacy leaks: the privacy of your customer that is using the Parkeagle App will be stored securely and not distributed to third parties.
  • Easy to integrate into existing systems by using the Parkeagle Cloud API

Hardware and Software

Parkeagle’s Smart Sensors

  • Parkeagle’s Smart Parking Sensors or Counting Sensors both wirelessly transmit occupancy data
  • Parkeagle’s Smart Parking Sensors or Counting Sensors both have a product lifetime of 10 years
  • Parkeagle’s Smart Parking Sensors or Counting Sensors both have a battery runtime 7+ years
  • Parkeagle’s Smart Parking Sensors or Counting Sensors can be either mounted or glued

The Parkeagle ParkSmart App

  • Can be used for on-street and off-street parking
  • Shows real-time information on parking occupancy
  • Shows accurate tariffs and pricing
  • Get a notification when you’re close to home
  • Available for free on Android and iOS

The Parkeagle Dashboard

  • Web-based platform
  • Fully mobile and tablet compatible
  • Security by design to ensure maximum data safety
  • Use real-time and historical insights into your parking assets
  • Forget counting and expensive research
  •  A seamless user experience for maximum effectiveness

Contact a consultant

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