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Smart Parking

Our flagship service: Parkeagle’s Smart Parking Solution, helping municipalities and companies worldwide to reduce congestion, fuel usage and CO2 emissions

Smart Parking is a Smart City solution that helps drivers find a parking spot by accessing real-time parking occupancy information through a mobile app or digital road signs. This enables drivers to find a parking space by simply knowing where they can park their car. Parkeagle uses ultra-low power smart parking sensors to collect the parking bay occupancy data in real-time.

Three reasons why you need Smart Parking Sensors

Become a true Smart City. Smart Parking is the most affordable and effective Smart City usecase with the highest payout for your investment.
Smart Parking is a durable and long-term investment to ensure that you are ready for the increase in population that will come.
Smart Parking is a versatile parking solution. Check out some of the most popular use cases for smart parking in your city here.

Contact a Smart Parking Consultant

Parkeagle is here to provide you with more information and to answers any question you have about Smart Parking.

We will create an effective solution for your Smart Parking needs.

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