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Building the smartest street in the world

ParkEagle is proud to present world's smallest and most innovative smart road sensor; StreetEagle! This wireless system allows you to monitor and collect real-time data on:
  • Vehicle counting 

  • Traffic flow

  • Vehicle speed

  • Parking occupancy 

  • Direction of the vehicle

  • Type of vehicle

  • PRIS compatible 

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Noordwijk PRIS
With the goal in mind to reduce search traffic, we set out to provide visitors of Noordwijk real-time information on parking occupancy at every parking facility. This real-time information is connected to a PRIS (Parking-Routing-Information-System) to guide visitors to the best parking lot of space for them.

Our counting sensors count vehicles at larger parking facilities and our smart parking sensors detect the parking occupancy of individual parking bays.

Transform the way you manage your parking assets

It is our mission to create healthy and livable cities that are smart at the same time. We believe cities should be managed by decision making based on hard data and analytics. We want you to focus on the important things: thinking about the future of your city. While we provide you with valuable parking data and insights to manage your parking offerings efficiently and automated. 

No more need for sporadic counting
With the help of the Parkeagle analytics tool, you’ll know what is happening in your city
Get real-time
occupancy data
Have full control over your parking assets 24/7 365 days of the year
Make data-driven decisions
Make use of our trigger based functionalities and get notified only when needed
Exporting data for own processing
Export full data sets in a breeze when you want your own people to mine your data for insights
How does your city benefit from our Smart Parking App?
City streets are more congested than ever and parking spaces are becoming a rare commodity these days. Think of all the miles, fuel and time saved when your citizens know where to park because of Smart Parking Bay Sensors.
Some of our favorite clients

ParkeerSlim Pilot in Parkeersector 72 Blijdorp

A valid parking license for parking sector 72 in Blijdorp-Bergpolder is required
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What if you could make your parking spots smart with smart parking sensors?
With the use of our plug-and-forget smart parking sensors, Parkeagle is able to provide its clients with real-time data on occupancy, turn-over rate and duration of individual parking spaces.



Smart parking sensors

A Smart Sensor network to detect parked vehicles

Analytics management system

A powerful tool to make data-driven decisions

The ParkSmart app

A free app to find a cheap parking spot and save time, money and fuel!

Try it now
We want you to try smart parking sensors in your city fast, reliable and affordable. You only pay a one-time flat fee to start a smart parking pilot with us.

We offer a premium service where we unburden you from beginning to end. This means that we get the system up and running in no time so your residents can enjoy the full power of your newly installed smart parking system.

Within 1 month we can install our solution on an area of 500 parking spots. Our pilot fee is razor sharp so get your quotation today.

Contact a Smart Parking Consultant

Parkeagle is here to provide you with more information and to answers any question you have about Smart Parking.

We will create an effective solution for your Smart Parking needs.

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