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Entrance Detection

A world-class turn-key wireless solution for entrance detection of vehicles by utilizing our Smart Entrance Detection Sensors

Monitor whenever and how many vehicles enter and leave your parking vicinity enabling you to monitor and optimize entrances and exits in real-time.

The Benefits for you

  • Occupancy data: Know how many and when cars enter your parking facilities in real-time. The system lets you monitor the entire parking occupancy of your parking lots, P+R lots and office parking lots making it easy for you to manage your facility accordingly. 
  • Stand-alone system: A plug and play system that is deployed and calibrated within 30 minutes with no physical impact on the road, entrance or gate.
  • Integrable with the Smart Parking app: Once you know the occupancy rate of your entire parking lots you will be able to share this information with drivers through the Parkeagle Smart parking app.

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