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What is the best parking payment app

What is the best parking payment app Every car owner has experienced the troubles that come with parking a car. In the old days, after finally finding a parking spot, you still had to look for a working parking meter. Luckily, those days are over. With the possibility...

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The expensive parking fees of Dutch cities

paying more for the service Driving around for ages, passing the same street for the third time already, these are all daily routines when looking for that available parking spot in the city centre. After having finally found a place, you will probably be astonished...

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How Smart Parking Can Save Cities Millions

Cities around the globe are growing year by year. This means  that traffic coming in and out of the city is increasing rapidly. Because of this, cities are experiencing greater amounts of congestion, leading to higher pollution rates and a lot of stressed out people....

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Insights on Parking: Amstelveen

A couple of weeks ago we spoke with Leon Baas, parking director at the municipality of Amstelveen. Leon told us about the latest parking developments in Amstelveen and the upcoming trends in the near future. What do you think is the ultimate parking experience in the...

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