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Where to park in Amsterdam

When you’re new to a city like Amsterdam, it’s easy to get frustrated with the parking situation. Historically the beautiful city and its canals was never designed to host so many cars and tourists, so we understand. Wasting time, getting frustrated and making unnecessary kilometers these are all daily costs while searching for a parking spot in the center of Amsterdam. The streets are full of cars however parking garages stay empty, until now. Because we care about your parking experience, we’ve created this extensive list of known and unknown parking garages located in the center of Amsterdam. If you like to find out how Parkeagle contributes to a better parking system click here. The garages are rated by a 5-star rate that is based on the location and price of the parking garage.

10. Parking garage Nieuwendijk – €7,50 p/h

Nieuwezijds Kolk 18, 1012 PV Amsterdam

Price per hour : ★☆☆☆☆
Distance to Dam Square: 0,3 miles – 0,5 km

Located in the heart of Amsterdam this parking garage is ideal if you need to be in the city centre. The famous Dutch shopping street ‘’Kalverstraat’’ is only a five-minute walk away. However, the great location of this parking garage comes at a cost. With a price of €7,50 per hour, it is one of the most expensive garages in Amsterdam. It can accommodate 362 cars and is open for users 24 hours a week. If you are driving electric, this garage doesn’t shy away by hosting 7 electric charging spots and planning on expanding this number.

9. Parking garage De Bijenkorf Amsterdam – €7,50 p/h

Beursplein 15, 1012 JW Amsterdam

Price per hour : ★☆☆☆☆
Distance to Dam Square: 0,18 miles – 0,3 km

This parking garage is located right next to dam square and is very popular among shoppers, especially on super sale Sundays. The price of parking is high and varies per day and even changes per hour. The garage can facilitate 457 cars but be aware due to the high popularity spots are not guaranteed and the waiting time can be quite a long time.

8. Parking garage The bank Rembrandtplein Amsterdam – €6,- p/h

Amstelstraat 12, 1017 DA Amsterdam

Price per hour : ★★☆☆☆
Distance to Dam Square: 0,9 miles – 1,4 km

This small Parking garage ‘’the bank’’ is located at Rembrandt square and can only facilitate 110 cars. One usually pays 6 euro per hour however, when visiting Pathe Tuchinski (cinema) you can receive a special offer. Another benefit of this facility is that they accept almost every form of payment. They even take cash being one of the few in Amsterdam.

7. Parking garage Kalverstraat de Kalvertoren Amsterdam  – €7,06 p/h

Singel 451C, 1012WP Amsterdam

Price per hour : ★★☆☆☆
Distance to Dam Square: 0,7 miles – 1,1 km

Being recently build this parking garage is quite modern. With the numerous cameras spread all over the garage, safety is ensured. Due to its unique location stepping out of the garage you can start shopping, visit restaurants and enjoy everything Amsterdam got to offer straight away. Because this garage is built mainly for shoppers, it closes its gates at 23:00 when the stores are closed. From this point on you can only exit the garage until it opens the next morning again.

6. Parking garage markenhoven waterlooplein Amsterdam – €4,29 p/h

Anne Frankstraat 220,  1011 MP Amsterdam

Price per hour : ★★★★☆
Distance to Dam Square: 1,1 miles – 1,8 km

Compared to other parking garages this one is relatively cheap. Unfortunately where the price is going down the quality of location is going down as well. It is located further away from the city centre but closer to the zoo Artis and Carre the theatre. Controlled and monitored by the government ensures the safety in and around the garage. Available spots are almost guaranteed.

5. parking garage Stopera stadhuis-muziektheater Amsterdam waterlooplein – €4,29 p/h

Waterlooplein 28, 1011 PG Amsterdam

Price per hour : ★★★★☆
Distance to Dam Square: 1,1 miles – 1,7 km

Showing almost the same characteristics as garage number 6, this garage deserves to be one spot higher on the top 10 list. Price, safety, and location are nearly the same, so what is the big difference? At this garage on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday during the night the price of parking is only €1 per hour. Ideal if you are spending the night in the centre of Amsterdam but do not wish to break the bank. Be warned the garage has an overhead clearance of 1,80 meters.

4. parking garage P1 Amsterdam centrum central station – €5.- p/h

Prins Hendrikkade 20A, 1012 TL Amsterdam

Price per hour : ★★★☆☆
Distance to Dam Square: 0,55 miles – 0,9 km

At the front side of central station, one can find this parking garage. With a price of €5.- per hour it makes this facility a bit cheaper compared to nearby parking garages. Visiting dam square, the Beurs van Berlage or the Nemo museum find yourself a parking spot in this garage. Are you going a bit further and want to proceed by metro or tram? From this point, public transportation is easily accessible.

3. Parking garage Weesperstraat starting from – €3.- p/h

Nieuwe Prinsengracht 75, 1018 VR Amsterdam

Price per hour : ★★★★★
Distance to Dam Square: 1,4 miles – 2,3 km

Needing to park near Carre, Artis or Waterlooplein and want to save time and money look no further.

This parking garage even lets you reserve a spot to make sure you can park your car. So what is the catch? The entry of the garage is quite small, and the only way to access and pay for this garage is by making use of the Parkbee app. However, to be honest, in this day and age, this should not really be a problem. Another benefit is that you pay by the minute and not by the hour.

2. Parking garage Olympisch Stadion Amsterdam – €3,33 p/h    P&R €1,- p/h

Stadionplein 44 1076 DE Amsterdam

Price per hour : ★★★★★
Distance to Dam Square: 3,4 miles – 5,5 km

The regular parking price for this garage is set at €3,33 per hour. However, this garage has a unique feature. It welcomes people who want to visit Amsterdam by car but do not want to pay a ton load of parking money. With the Park and Ride (P&R) deal you can park your car for only €1 per hour the only condition is that you continue your travel to the city centre by public transportation.

1. parking garage Albert Cuyp – €4,29 p/h

Ruysdaelkade 93, 1072 AM Amsterdam

Price per hour : ★★★★☆
Distance to Dam Square: 1,6 miles – 2,6 km

This brand spanking new parking garage is the mother of all parking garages and deservedly rated #1.

It is build right underneath a canal in the lively neighbourhood ‘’de Pijp’’. Recently this garage was awarded the prestigious ESPA Gold award for its high-quality parking. Heineken Experience, Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh museum and the Albert Cuyp street market are all located within walking distance. Facilitating electric cars and offering various disabled spots makes this very garage user-friendly for everyone.

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