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Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Cities and sustainability are becoming an increasingly important and common subject in modern days society. With these subjects emerging, it is essential to stay up to date with the latest trends. One of these trends is Smart Navigation.

Smart Navigation is a quick and easy tool that can be very beneficial to large and congested cities or other municipalities. Using Smart Navigation, cities will enable users to find the fastest travel routes possible. Because users will access the quickest route possible, Smart Navigation is an excellent way of reducing emissions, time spent on travels and last but not least, the stress that long journeys can bring with them.

There are multiple options when considering what can be used with Smart navigation. One of these options is using Parkeagle’s Smart Parking Sensors. These high-quality parking sensors can be accessed using the Parkeagle app. This app will show you the nearest vacant parking spot in the area of destination. If you would like to stay up to date with developments concerning the Smart Parking Sensors at Parkeagle, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter right here.

Smart Navigation: What is it?

Smart Navigation is a way of navigating for all traffic from point A to B, using smart tools/systems such as apps, web apps and sensors that are connected to the internet. Smart Navigation makes use of real-time data such as live updates on traffic jams, speed cameras, road works and supplies its users with relevant information. By leveraging the data provider by these tools, the duration of travel is usually significantly lower than when using traditional methods such as offline navigation tools. Within Smart Navigation there are various tools that you can use for it. A couple of examples of such tools are Smart Parking Sensors and Smart Navigation Apps. Next to being a subject of its own, Smart Navigation plays a big part in the scope of a Smart City. These Smart Cities, are cities that are driven by an IT infrastructure of sensors that collect data which is used to manage assets and resources efficiently. By using this infrastructure, cities can enhance the quality of life and improve economic development for its inhabitants. Read more smart cities & parking here.

How can Smart Navigation be applied in Smart Cities?

Smart parking sensors

Smart Parking sensors are tools that can be used for Smart Navigation. By using Smart Parking Sensors, users can navigate to an unoccupied parking bay within the desired destination area. The sensors are connected to an app or in-car display that gives you insights on where to find the best parking spots (see video below). The use of Smart Parking sensors reduces the time spent in the car when looking for a parking spot and thus also contributes to a cleaner and less polluted environment.

Smart navigation apps

Smart navigation apps are applications that share real-time data of your travel with you. By doing this, Smart Navigation apps calculate the quickest route towards your desired location. An example of an app that does this is Waze. It uses real-time data that is supplied by its users in order to tackle problems such as getting into a traffic jam, driving into a street with roadworks or for instance, being updated on the location of speed cameras. Another example of Smart navigation is ParkeerSlim in Blijdorp in Rotterdam. By leveraging the use of real-time data on parking occupancy in the neighbourhoods users can see in an instant where the available parking space is located. On top of that, the app makes use of a geofence around your neighbourhood and notifies you on the way home where to park your car.


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