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We know everything there is to know about parking. We’ll help you make parking part of your overall mobility strategy and point you to innovative solutions and best practice operations.
Whether it’s parking spaces for cars or bicycles, we can help you maximize user satisfaction and revenues. Want to know how many parking spaces are required, what type of bays best suit the job, what costs you can expect or how you can achieve cost efficiencies while increasing user convenience and satisfaction? Turn to Spark.

Parking solutions for a changing world

At Spark, we like to think we know even what we don’t know. Because we believe that there are many solutions that still need to be explored. By researching and challenging today’s status quo, we find tomorrow’s solutions. We work towards making parking and mobility contribute to a cleaner, safer and sustainable world. Our search for the best solutions is an ongoing process, so that we can continue to provide fitting answers to new challenges.

One of those challenges is keeping parking affordable for everyone. At Spark we know which technology best fits your needs. We are experts in car park design. And we have a proven track record in procuring the best products and services at the best price for our clients.

We don’t own parking facilities. That’s what you do.
Providing you with the best parking solutions. That’s what we do.


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We love help create a world in which arriving at your destination and parking your car is hassle free. It’s a world in which parking lots do not define the landscape, but enhance it. We aim to inspire our clients in developing a parking strategy that contributes to the wellbeing of everyone.


Real estate development and fitting parking solutions go hand in hand. Buildings attract visitors looking for easily accessible parking space for their cars. At Spark we can help you calculate parking demand, as well as the financial feasibility of parking options. But, we can also audit parking facilities, as well as advise on optimised wayfinding to ensure visitors find their way without hassle. Because we know that well-designed and easily accessible parking spaces enhance both the value of the property as well as the experience of visitors.


At the end of the day, smooth parking operations come down to the ease of finding a convenient parking space. This requires having systems in place with a minimum of downtime. And this is where we can help out. We help local authorities, hospitals, airports and retailers streamline parking operations. We provide the right people and know-how to help you define your parking policy and imply it. We can also support you in the procurement of best, fit-for-purpose services and equipment. Our people work on in-house interim assignments or bring you made-to-measure consultancy services.

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