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Sales Developemt Superstar Job Description

We are looking for a Sales Development Superstar that has a nose for good quality leads. One of your specialties is to set up automatic systems to feed our sales pipeline with the best leads and customers that want to be closed by you or any of the Superstar Sales Team.

Your goal is to be a top producer of quality leads and contact leads by phone, mail, whatever works. You are the most important step in sales. You set out the markets for the outbound sales team to focus on. 

You should see yourself as the spotter when it comes to sales. You assist our snipers (Outbound Sales Superstars in making the deal. 

But Larry Ellison from Oracle (originally a salesman) said it best: “Sales is the engine of every business. You think Oracle is a technology company? Well, you’re mistaking. Oracle is a sales organization. We can only survive and thrive because of our continued focus on sales” 

We want you to build that Unstoppable Outbound Sales Engine.

About Parkeagle

Parkeagle is a high-tech startup from Amsterdam that focusses on building a Smart Parking Solutions to help drivers find a parking space quick and easy by showing them where the available parking spaces are located in the neighborhood. By helping you find a parking space, we help cities become less congested, cleaner and less frustrating for citizens.

Our technology is built on an ecosystem of wireless sensors to detects vehicles (moving and parked vehicles). The cool thing about our tech is that our sensors share their data in real-time through a mesh network. This makes our solution highly scalable, cost-efficient and plug and play to set up. 

We sell our suite of vehicle sensor solutions to large corporations, municipalities and cities. For these clients we optimize parking capacity, counting cars, do temporary measurements, and manage traffic flow. Every month we keep expanding our product line through our continued focus on R&D and innovation.

It is our ambition to become the largest and most innovative provider of IoT solutions for the B2B market. We do not build a product to shove boxes. We build solutions that fit scalable business cases. 

Our team consists of hardcore engineers and innovators that have a great passion for hardware, wireless sensor networks, AI, big-data analytics, serverless architecture and seamless user experiences.

We know you have little time

So here is how it works with us.

For our sales positions (Inbound Sales Superstar, Outbound Sales Superstar) we only accept applications that call us

Don’t call us unless you are an overachiever and can prove it. Come build an empire within our fine, progressive company. We are in the IoT, hardware, software and parking industry, but we do not hire backgroundsWe hire top producers.

If you’re average, that’s fine but you won’t make it to the big game. If you are a star, you can make it to the big leagues. 

Young or old, if you have the stuff, we’ll know. 

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